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Month: October 2012

Mechanical Hand Projects for #electronichalloween « adafruit industries blog

“Add a bit of interaction to your haunted house this year with a robotic mechanical hand.  Have it give out candy, grab and scare an unsuspecting trick-or-treater, or add some realism to your zombie decorations.  Here are some good mechanical/robotic hand projects to give you some inspiration.” via Mechanical Hand Projects for #electronichalloween « adafruit…

MAKE | XinCheJian’s $10 Swarm Robots

The African Robotics Network threw a $10 Robot Design Challenge and Shanghai hackerspace XinCheJian picked up the gauntlet. Their SwarmRobot project took down second place in the “traditional” category, even beating out MIT’s team! Harvard’s Kilobot won the category. That’s good company, XinCheJian, congrats! via MAKE | XinCheJian’s $10 Swarm Robots.

Hobby Servos, in depth anatomy

“Servos have a 3 pin connector, consisting of ground, supply voltage, and control signal. Pinouts have been known to vary by manufacturer.Servos are controlled by sending it a variable width pulse a type of Pulse Width Modulation PWM. Important paramiters about the shape of the pulse are the centre duration  and repetition rate. A servo…